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A brand and lifestyle photographer for women in this world who create life-changing retreats in Europe and beyond.

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I help women entrepreneurs transform their brand through exceptional imagery.

Branding, for all of us, serves as a powerful tool to tell a story, and to elevate our work. And my role is to capture the connections – connections to the world, each other, and self. 

So whether we work together on your own personal brand, or we are branding your retreat, the end product will be more than just pretty pictures.

It will be storytelling.

And what you get is a body of images that acts as honest marketing – images that are powerful, thought provoking, and that stir emotions. 

Mary Gardella Personal Branding Photography portrait.

Mary sees you. Her tool just happens to be a camera.

However, the special skill is her innate ability to hone in on “the” thing that makes you special.

She pulls on that thread creatively by making a safe space for you to move and to be vulnerable.

The result is always an image of yourself where even if you feel you are not fully “there” yet, it has now been visualized.

It is captured for you to literally see the future – a 100% fully capable version of yourself!

Kia Weatherspoon

CEO, Determined By Design

Mary has photographed my in-person retreats, my clients’ brand sessions, my team, and my own personal & family portraits.

Every image she takes is candid, raw, and honest.

She knows how to capture a real person in a real moment.

She makes me – and everyone she photographs – feel beautiful. Because she sees us.

Melanie Spring

Brand Strategist, International Keynote Speaker, CEO, Confidencia

As part of a rebranding of my business, I hired Mary to do the professional photography for my website.

Being someone who does not enjoy having her photo taken, I can say that it was a fun and no-stress experience.

And the photos were stunning!

Mary captured the essence of who I am and has a remarkable talent for light and shadow, as well as choosing the right setting for me.

I highly recommend Mary for anyone who is up-leveling their business and needs the photography to reflect that shift.

Alicia M. Rodriguez

Writer, Storyteller, Catalyst

Personal Exploration Photography
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Personal Exploration Photography
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Personal Exploration Photography
Yoga Retreat Photography
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Personal Exploration Photography
Personal Exploration Photography
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