documenting magicc

essence revealing imagery for life-changing retreats in Europe

You are going to be creating magical, intense, breakthrough moments – moments women will look back on as life-changing experiences.

With a trained eye for capturing authenticity and a 30-year branding photography background, I would be honored to document these magic moments for your retreat.

A retreat

A safe space where you can experience complete renewal.

A healing container where one begins a transformative journey.

Retreat photography of brilliant rebel women

building a retreat means…

Putting a piece of yourself into what you do. It’s a labor of love.

You spend hours, days, months, even years to get to this moment.

And now, an intimate group of fierce women is ready to engage, to be vulnerable, to open their souls to possibilities, and to be guided by you.

They know you are the one to be that beacon of light they’ve been searching for.

…creating magic for people.

You are going to be creating intense, breakthrough moments that will be remembered as life-changing experiences.

And capturing those moments, from joy-filled laughs to broken-down tears, will help your community look back on your retreat with pride and gratitude.

Why not elevate the quality of these moments and your retreat with beautiful imagery?

Add Person’elle Exploration Portraits to your retreat experience

An essence revealing glimpse into the soul’s journey that embodies the depth of the transformation your participants are experiencing.

A beautiful reminder that serves as an echo of time & place long after the retreat has ended. 

Collective Workshop and Speak With Confidence

The value of investing in a brand photographer
for your retreat


✔️ I have a deep understanding of the unique atmosphere, poses, and moments that make retreats special.

I also have a talent for framing shots that convey authenticity, the spirit of the retreat, and the essence of the transformation that is happening.

✔️ I believe that retreat photography is more than just pretty pictures – it’s a story unfolding.

I focus on capturing connections and emotions to create a visual story. This will help you and your participants relive the beautiful moments long after the retreat is finished.

✔️  I’ll work with you to make sure that the images align with your brand identity.

These images will be a treasure trove of high-quality visual content that can be used in the future as marketing materials, including websites, social media, brochures, and promo videos for your business.

✔️ I offer professional headshots and personal expression photos during the retreat. These can be a valuable addition for personal branding to every participant.

✔️ The high-quality photographs I deliver will serve as lasting memories for both you and your attendees.

They will serve as a reminder of the memorable experiences and life-long friendships gained because of your retreat.

All in all, a professional branding photographer can elevate the overall quality of your retreat, boost your marketing efforts, and provide lasting memories through high-quality imagery.

The return on your investment in terms of improved branding, marketing, and participant engagement will be substantial.

Rebel Collective Retreat

A life-changing retreat that supports you in gaining access to your true self while finding a deeper meaning to your life and work.

Vida Asana Yoga Retreat

A rejuvenating and transformative experience designed to help you reset your mind and body.

Confidancia Retreat

A transformative retreat for Corporate Leadership enhancement through mindfulness & group support.

Speak With Confidence Workshop

A soul-searching retreat designed to release the confidence within you to create an impactful talk from a place of your own truth and experience.

Personal Exploration: One-on-One

A personal retreat designed to hone your inner brilliance and birth the future you.