Recently I was featured in for my work with badass working moms. I myself am a working mom and feel the tug in both directions, creative entrepreneur and supportive mother. Of course not all women I photograph are mom’s but I do love supporting and photographing those working ladies.

Below are those featured in the article “Badass Photographer Takes Portraits of Other Badass Working Moms, and the Results Are Stunning“:

Caprece Jackson-Garrett, Business Owner

Caprece Jackson-Garrett, Business Owner

Carmen Perkins- Mary Gardella

Carmen Perkins, Business Consultant

Alisa Silverman - Mary Gardella

Alisa Silverman, Company Founder and CEO

Alison Freeman- Mary gardella

Alison Freeman, Company Founder

Elliot Azzam- Mary Gardella

Elliot Azzam, Designer and Business Owner

jeanette kendall- Mary Gardella

Jeannette Kendall, Nonprofit Founder

Jennifer R Smith - Mary Gardella

Jennifer R. Smith, Personal Brand and Elevation Strategist

Jodi Hume - Mary Gardella

Jodi Hume, Personal Strategist and Facilitator

Julie Reisler - Mary Gardella

Julie Reisler, Author, Life Designer

Kiki L'Italien - Mary Gardella

Kiki L’Italien, Digital Marketing Strategist