When trust wins over doubt.

Mary Gardella Photography

Realizing how special Studio’ELLE is, I knew I wanted to create more women-centric events in her. Ones that dig deeper and connect us on another level. Because, when you enter her, she makes you feel comfortable, safe & happy.

So, when I told Jennifer Ransaw Smith about what I wanted to do, she called me within seconds breathless & excited.

Aren’t you?


But, I doubted we could fill the space. And I had 1 million “what ifs” swirling around in my head. But, Jennifer knew. She felt it in her bones.

Trust in the universe.
Yoga & The Beat was born. Trust in Emily Lodge, a local yogini – who we didn’t know. Trust that women would show.

And 17 mats later we set our intentions with yoga as our guide in a candlelit space at dusk to the beat of music.

Mary Gardella Photography